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No matter what's on your TV wishlist, we've compiled a list of trusted local TV companies that may be available in your area. Find the most suitable TV service for your address!

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We review the best TV providers and Internet providers in the US with packages to help you choose the right TV provider within your budget.

Remember that you may only have a couple of sets of TV providers in your area to choose from. Be sure to check your zip code to see what's available. Depending on your region, you get packages and prices for each package. It will help you choose the most suitable TV provider.

TV providers vary across the board, from price to customer satisfaction. Some of the most important things to consider when comparing TV providers are price, channel ranking, and availability.

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Combining TV and the Internet is a great way to potentially save on your monthly bill. You can get bigger savings when assembling TV, Internet, and telephone. To learn more about the package, head over to our Resource Center to learn how to get the most out of your package.

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Some of the TV providers based on the availability, TV & internet packages options, extra features such as savings and special offers are mentioned below.

Xfinity - Best TV and internet package variety

Xfinity customers will likely have six Internet packages and three or more cable TV packages to choose from, and they can mix and match in any combination. In most service areas in the eastern US, your package discount will be the same ($ 10 per month discount per service). Some areas, especially those in western Mississippi, may find Xfinity package prices and discounts to vary, but you can still expect to save around $ 10 for combined service.

Cox - Best for TV and internet bundle savings

Cox package savings may vary by package and location. Typically, the biggest discounts come with bigger packages. For example, the Cox Silver Duo bundle with Giga blast comes in at over $ 90 / mo. of savings built in for the first year, while the Cox Bronze Duo includes about $ 35 / mo. in discounts. Plus, combining Internet and Cox Cable TV will open up more TV package options than standalone Cox TV service, giving you more package options.

Spectrum - Best for no contracts

Internet and Spectrum TV packages come without contracts. On top of that, Spectrum offers up to $500 to help you terminate your contract with another provider when you sign up for eligible cable TV and internet packages. Streaming fees can add up to $16.45/month. to your bill, but a free wireless modem is included with all packages.

Optimum - Best TV and internet equipment

More services generally mean more equipment, unless it is included in Optimum. The exclusive Altice One combines a modem, router, cable TV box, and streaming hub in one device. Altice One is available to rent with all Optimum Internet and TV packages starting at an additional $ 20 per month.

Some other TV providers which can be a good option too are as follows:

- Frontier
- AT&T

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Yes, despite the cable's reputation, there are cheap cables out there. Basic cable costs anywhere from $ 20 to $ 40 per month, but you don't get many cable channels. On the other hand, traditional cable and satellite TV packages start at around $ 35 per month (DIRECTV SELECT is a great cheap TV package).

For more information on cheap cable bundles, check out our helpful guide.

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